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  • 料號:P001+P002+P003
  • 原價:NT$10,640
  • 售價:NT$10,500
  • Mask+Essence+Moisturizer:

Bio-active Basic Treatment Set


Bio-active Treatment Essence

This product meticulously selects
fruticicolidae mucus and multiple plant stem cells, the high repair competence of fruticicolidae mucus is capable of improving skin elasticity recovery and the rich compound active maters are helpful for repairing the damages on the epidermis in a quick manner, promoting skin regeneration. Furthermore, this product has combined with diversified plant extractions and Antarctic moisturizing glycoprotein to effectively supply skin with necessary nutrients, help the skin to improve elasticity, increase collagen, elastin, and regulate skin texture making the skin soft and smooth. In addition, it can also restore skin luster and fight against aging, the exquisite texture of the essence provides skin with a sense of comfort and softness. The continuous use of it will restore your skin and make it young, transparent and lustrous and radiant

Bio-Active Treatment Moisturize

The garden snail slime and multiple plant stem cells carefully selected. The former has the inherent ability to repair skin effectively which is helpful to restore suppleness and its rich complex active substance makescontribution to repairing skin damage, to regenerating. Mixed with the multiple plant stem cells, the essence provides the nutrients that the skin needs and synergistic repair, increases suppleness degree, skin elasticity, collagen, elastin and keeps skin moisturizing and anti-aging. The new generation of essence endows skin with smoothness and perfect performance if use it continuously.
Extreme Hydration Bio-active Facial Mask

The ultimate bio-active hydrating masks give your skin the unprecedented moisturizing and repairing treatments, replenishing the dried skin and enhancing flexibility. We select the most effective and highly-concentrated natural active herbal ingredients that will facilitate skin care and help the damaged and sensitive skin to restore health and free from
external environmental stimulus.
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Patented stem cell ingredients

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